On In Betweenness in the USA
26 FEBRUARY 2021
6.00 pm to 8.00 pm CET*
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Check ‘Other’: Identity-Led Professional Practice
In Between Attitude, In Between Form

Featuring Caitlin (kt) Abadir-Mullally and Carol Zou
Hosted by Aisha Tida Abbassi

This panel features three womxn who link their biographies to their professional being, drawing upon their stories of “other” and “in between” as resource and subject in their cultural work. The three have in common that their identity-building processes mold their professional position and practice.

Carol Zou, Caitlin (KT) Abadir-Mullally, and TASAWAR Curatorial Fellow Aisha Tida Abbassi will highlight stories that shaped the interests and values that guide their identity-led professional practices. Each will share their particular blend of the personal, political, and professional that permeates their practices as they blur the line between art and life. For us, the isolation caused by in betweenness leaves no other choice but to build community as a tool for survival and liberation.  

This talk is not grounds for debate; rather, together we make space to detect common ground in differences, question the origin of our habits, and consider the self as an artifact of ethos. More than a talk, this panel aims to be a space for discussion in which we can collect and develop new strategies for working with groups of mixed values, identities, and needs. Take the opportunity to share, absorb, and draw your own conclusions on how the identity-informed embodiment of values can become personal and professional praxis. In what ways may your attitude become form?

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