26 / 27 February 2021 | 4.00 pm to 8.00 pm | FREE TICKETS VIA EVENTBRITE

Tracing Cultural Disorders
Four Curated Panels

The TASAWAR TRANSCULTURAL TALKS are an example of curatorial positions that are informed by cultural disorders – in particular sexism and racism, discrimination, and injustice – as pertinent issues of present tense. The curators chose topics that are of importance for the cultural environments they belong to, as for their personal developments. They are backed by the idea of taking responsibility, looking out for networks of solidarity, and taking action to ignite change. The choice of topic and contributors, as well as the design of debate, profits from the curator’s sensibility to detect and address issues that hinder productive identity-building or violate human rights, that limit tolerance and democratic culture, and thwart sustainable, resilient developments >>

Aisha-Tida Abbassi: Check “Other” [On In Betweenness in the USA] Salma Kossemtini / Aymen Gharbi: #prison-no, change 52 [On Injustice in Tunisia] Serra Tansel: [On Queering in Turkey] Irene Urrutia: Feministx Café [On Sexism in Mexico]

The 2-day-conference is hosted by participants of the TASAWAR COLLECTIVE what is a network of fellows of the TASAWAR CURATORIAL STUDIOS. The TRANSCULTURAL TALKS are a praxis field of the TASAWAR Edition 2019. The post-graduate, one-year study-progam is hosted by the GOETHE-INSTITUTE Tunis and directed by Bettina Pelz.