Aroussi Tabbena

Aroussi Tabbena is an active member of LAB619 experimental comics collective where he produced exhibited his first comics. In 2019, he pursued training in illustration and 2D animation at the “Maison de l’image” within the framework of Vision Solidaire. Animation art director of the short film Brain Lick (Awarded as Best film 48 Hours Film project 2019 and Best graphics Filmapalooza 2020). Late in 2020, he Co-Founded JINN a comics/Illustration Creative Studio.


1993 Born


Atelier Jinn

Kais Ben Halima

Kais Ben Halima is a law researcher and doctoral student in Law at the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences of Tunis. He spent more than three years as a member and rapporteur of the National Committee for the Reform of the Code of Criminal Procedure, and continues to work with the collective El 7abs-la on the issue of Law 52. Kais is also the founder and director of the Criminal Law and Criminal Sciences Clinic, the first of its kind in Tunisia. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.